Reclaiming Love: Connecting the Head and the Heart

But what happens when your emotional and logical sides are at odds? Heart-head conflicts can feel paralyzing. Wait too long to decide and the opportunity may pass, perhaps forever. Rush in too soon and you may overlook crucial information. Do you tend to trust your intellect or your emotions? Your heart can encourage you to take risks.

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Let me let you in on a secret… everyone is so hung up on love! Luckily, love is one of my favorite things to coach! Ready for my cut-to-the-chase method? There are three different parts of you that need to align before you can be satisfied in love.

When we first talked to Seattle-based indie folk rockers The Head and the Heart, the band was still basking in the success of its well-received.

My heart inspires me to be bold. My mind might hold the steering wheel, but my heart is the one with its foot on the gas. I want to live my life passionately and without regret. If it were, it would be so incredibly boring. Life is unpredictable, messy, and downright tragic when it wants to be. But it can also be enlightening, beautiful, and intoxicating.

I feel everything deeply. Thoughts will keep me out of trouble, but being able to truly feel everything that happens to me will get me through the bad times and help me enjoy the good. My subconscious knows me best. When I listen to my heart, my best qualities tend to shine. Whenever I try to use my good sense, I overthink the situation. When I overthink, every situation becomes more anxiety-inducing than it ever needs to be.

The Head and the Heart

The shots are of an empty stage, horizontal lights zig-zagging around it — not quite a U2-style spectacle, yet not quite something one would associate with the natural-beauty pop of a band like his. These are heady days for the Head and the Heart. Their gig tonight will serve as a warm-up to a headlining summer tour at larger venues. They lost one member to drug addiction and recovery, another to road burnout, and the band almost collapsed a few days into the early rehearsals and songwriting sessions for Living Mirage.

After watching some of their s indie rock peers flounder, the Head and the Heart decided to bear down and become what once might have been unthinkable — a more disciplined pop group. Zasche says no; he lives in a small Northwestern town with only one station, which plays country.

Megan dates with her head and Jennifer dates with her heart. Watch how With solid, high dating confidence, you will date with your head.

Folk-rock band The Head and the Heart wrap up their current U. The band has gone through transformational change in recent years; using Living Mirage to showcase their new sound. Regardless of their creative method, the new material touches on serendipitous love, and as a result, the songs view the world through a mostly positive lens. In a way. We went to Joshua tree in January kind of for that reason.

We wanted to try to clear the table.

Album Review Of Living Mirage By The Head And The Heart

To have a happy and successful relationship or dating life, you need to follow a systematic strategy. The best systematic strategy may seem obvious to you, you meet a new guy, you like him, feel the chemistry and decide that the best way to go about things with this new guy is to follow your heart and see where it takes you. How about if I told you, this is the worst strategy to follow and will bring about a lot of failed relationships and heartache. In real life putting this into practice will cause a lot of problems in the long run.

Men in general, especially the most high value and player types know that women are emotional beings who follow their heart and as a result they use this against us. This is why to beat a guy at his own game, keep the upper hand in a relationship and maintain power, being logical is the best strategy you can employ.

This Head and the Heart song is undoubtedly melancholy, but it’s also If you’re dating someone so great you’d bust into a Nebraskan bar and.

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Skip navigation! Story from Music. Being in love should come with a medical list of side effects. May induce: nausea, slight fever, and hallucinations. After all, when you’re in love, everything feels different.

Dating advice: Play with your head and trust your heart.

By Michael Lello. So the band decided to move on, too — for the time being — to Joshua Tree, California. Even before the lineup shift, it was already a transitional time for The Head and the Heart. So to shine a little bit of light on that while also writing songs that people can connect to was always the goal. As the band broadened and polished its sound, it decided to leave hometown indie label Sub Pop and sign with Warner Bros. Read Next. Justin Bieber teases new ‘wedding music’ after Hailey Bald This story has been shared , times.

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When the Head Protects the Heart: Empathic Accuracy in Dating Relationships

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The Head and the Heart on How New Album ‘Living Mirage’ ‘Holds a 16 on the Billboard dated June 1, moving 24, units in its first.

We are faced with so many decisions, big and small, from which photo to include in our profile to whether or not to call someone after the first date. Because dating is such a personal and emotive topic, we often find ourselves grappling with internal conflict about which way to go. Many people talk about the battle between the head and the heart , especially when dealing with dating decisions. Should you listen to your heart and focus on the feelings and chemistry, the grey areas and the spiritual sense of what just feels right?

Or, should you listen to your head and focus on the facts and evidence, the clear signs and probability of what is likely to work out? Neuroscientists have studied the brain for decades and have found that most people have brain dominance , that is, a preference for utilising either the right or left hemisphere of their brain. People with left brain dominance tend to be more analytical, factual, practical and logical in their decisions — you might say they lead with their heads.

Whereas people with right brain dominance tend to be more emotional, creative, conceptual and intuitive — you could say they lead with their hearts. The scientists agree that the ideal form of decision-making involves Whole Brain Thinking. This requires you to become aware of your natural brain dominance and to train yourself to draw on your less dominant side to create a more balanced approach. For example, if you are left brain dominant and usually make decisions in an organised fashion, based on facts and figures, your challenge is to listen to your more intuitive side, to tap into your emotions and try a more flexible thinking style.

Or, if you are right brain dominant and generally go with your gut, feel for chemistry and know what just feels right, your challenge is to pay attention to the more tangible, logical data in your environment when making decisions. Click here for a quick, fun test of your own brain dominance. So, now that you have an idea about your own brain dominance, here are a few tips for better decision making in your dating life.

The head and the heart: Dating and mental health issues

Tickets will go on sale this Friday, February 7 at 1 p. Members of the Head and the Heart fan club will have access to a pre-sale beginning Wednesday, Februrary 5 at 10 a. For the full list of dates and all ticket info, visit TheHeadandtheHeart. Also it was pretty hilarious becoming a bee spoiler! Living Mirage , which also features the lead single “Missed Connection,” was released last March.

Emily Foster, a junior history major, said she noticed codependent behavior in a relationship with a previous girlfriend, which Foster said was.

American indie folk band The Head and The Heart never fails to impress us today, especially after the release of their new album for May 17, Living Mirage. This Seattle-originated band started off from meeting up in open-mic nights. All of the members of the band pursued their own dreams and then came together to pursue it in music. As their band name says, they use their head to make their life decisions but follow their heart for what they truly want.

Living Mirage is by far their poppiest album, so this album review will go over the gritty details included in the actual album itself and what it demonstrates. It represents what they were before progressing to what they are now, and it does this in through catchy lyrics and classic melodies known from The Head and The Heart. In no particular order, this album review will feature the top songs featured in the album, Living Mirage. This, by far, is the catchiest song on the album.